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Berjaya Langkawi Beach & Spa Resort proudly features the only hospitality establishment in the legendary island of Langkawi to offer individual chalets built over waters. The resort graces the northern section of Pantai Teluk Burau (or Burau Bay) at the foothills of the spectacular Gunung Mat Chinchang.

The resort is located some 20 minutes from the Langkawi International Airport (LGK), or 35 minutes from the Kuah town if you are arriving by ferries from Kuala Perlis or Kuala Kedah. While most guests will arrive by taxi from the airport or Kuah ferry terminal, I decided to rent a car from the airport. I managed to secure a Nissan Sentra for RM80 per day which I thought was a good deal. It is not uncommon to find great rates for car rental in Langkawi, except during super peak season like school holidays or LIMA exhibition.

There are a total of 502 rooms in this resort which sprawls within 70 acres of verdant rainforest at the foothills of Gunung Mat Chinchang. All rooms are built on stilts (on land or above water) in the form of exquisitely-designed chalets synonymous with typical Malay architecture.

The types of accommodation in the resort are Superior Chalet, Deluxe Chalet, Premier Chalet, Junior Chalet on Water, Premier Chalet on Water, Executive Suite on Water, Presidential Suite on Water and Langkawi Villa. All chalets of Superior or Deluxe classes are located along the natural hill slopes inside the expansive resort compound. Fringing along the beautiful coastline are the Junior Chalets, Executive Suites, Presidential Suites and recently-introduced Premier Chalets on Water.

The new Premier Chalets, completed in mid-2006, are probably the hottest room offering for the resort at the moment. In fact, the hotel brochure that I received specifically advertises these fabulous units as the best room option for discerning guests who are looking for modern room design amidst the spectacular natural landscape of Teluk Burau. The Premier Chalets are further divided with being above water or on land, and obviously the former carries a higher premium in term of pricing. Having said that, both Premier Chalets on Water and Premier Chalets on Land feature identical interior furnishing. While being right at the footstep of the soft-murmuring ocean is a moment of treasure, I felt that the view from a Premier Chalet on Land sitting along the hill slope is truly breathtaking. In fact, very few trees were sacrificed that most of the towering rainforest canopy is left intact within the chalets. Listen to the sound of crickets and jungle birds in full harmony with the natural philharmonic atmosphere is occasionally being interrupted by the sound of leaf monkeys jumping from one tree branches to another. (Note: The soothing jungle scene can also be enjoyed throughout other types of room especially in those situated further up the hill slopes. I am just relating to my experience when staying in a Premier Chalet on Land).

With the exception of Superior and Deluxe Chalets which are of average in size (32 sq metre to be exact), the resort prides itself with above-average built-up sizes for Premier Chalet (56 sq metre), Junior Chalet (51 sq metre), Executive Suite (115 sq metre) and Presidential Suite (148 sq metre). For example, the bathroom in a Premier Chalet is probably one of the biggest I have ever seen and it opens out directly to the plush king-sized bed. Though I question the usage of ceramic tiles for the flooring (although arguably they are much easier to clean versus timber-strip flooring), I truly relished the extra-spacious Premier Chalet room with a balcony view to die for. Big thumbs up for the Premier Chalets.

Note that due to the immense size of the resort compound, certain room units are best arrived in the complimentary shuttle service that departs every 5 minutes or so from the main lobby and is available 24 hours a day. If you are OK with covering a distance of about one kilometre by foot, then you do not have to rely too much on the shuttle service. Plus, the walk can be regarded somewhat as a leisure jungle-trekking inside beautiful forest canopies with occasional presence of various animal specie that you can spot along the way.

The resort hosts a variety of F&B outlets serving various types of delicacies from around the world. The main 24-hour dining outlet is Dayang Café located one floor down from the main lobby. While most patrons will have the buffet menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner at Dayang Café, I had my morning breakfast at Beach Restaurant. The restaurant setting is fantastic, with relaxing tropical greenery on one side and stupendous ocean view from its verandah. The food selection at Beach Restaurant was not that bad either. Other dining outlets include Oriental Pearl Restaurant serving authentic Chinese delicacies, Mizumi  Japanese Restaurant located some walking distance away at the Oriental Village, and Pahn-Thai Restaurant located within the congregation of the spanking new Premier Chalets on Water, serving authentic Thai cuisines in alfresco dining overlooking the beautiful Andaman Sea. For light drinks, snacks or cocktails, the resort hosts the Lobby Lounge, the Burau Beat entertainment pub, and the Sunken Pool Bar by the poolside with patrons being able to swim up to the beverage counter to order their drinks.

Sports and health facilities at the resort include a swimming pool that comes with a jacuzzi section, tennis courts, donkey riding, guided jungle walks and choices of motorised and non-motorised water sports such as jet skiing, banana boat riding and canoeing. I was truly awe-struck with the pool setting against the spectacular view of the 500-million-year-old granite face of Gunung Mat Chincang. The landscaping around the pool is not bad either, with a generous amount of tropical shrubs is thrown in to create a true island oasis overlooking the beautiful ocean.

I also got the chance to visit the spa facilities at Ayura Spa. The spa complex nestles on the far edge of the resort, hence taking the shuttle service is probably necessary, especially if you coming for a truly relaxing spa treatment. Ayura Spa boasts a spacious heated massage pool overlooking the lush forest and a smaller cold water pool where patrons can dip in to complete the whole spa treatment. The spa deck features a number of lounging chairs and umbrellas in a great greenery setting while the massage beds are neatly arranged to face the serene outdoor jungle scene.

Overall, I was very happy with my visit to Berjaya Langkawi Beach & Spa Resort. With its fashionable room offerings, its acceptably good F&B selections and its effort to preserve the natural landscape as much as possible, I gladly present my 5-star rating to them.

The resort is fronting the beach of Teluk Burau, which from my observation, is one of the better beaches in Langkawi.

For diving and snorkeling trips, I strongly recommend a one-day excursion to the nearby Pulau Payar from which great snorkeling and diving spots can be enjoyed.

The Superior Chalet normally costs RM375 per night inclusive of breakfast for two. Room rates can go a bit higher for the peak season periods such as during school or public holidays, or during Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace (LIMA) exhibition.

Other room rates: Deluxe Chalet from RM450 per night, Premier Chalet from RM563 per night and Premier Chalet on Water from RM1,125 per night.

As always, price is subjected to change hence it is best if you check directly with the resort.