Pulau Pinang is located to the south of Redang. The island is also known as "Marine Park" because the administrative office for Terengganu Marine Park authority is located on this small island. Most tour operators will bring tourists here for a snorkeling trip, hence you may as well enjoy the beach.


Yes, this popular snorkeling spot does also have a beach, although most people tend to neglect it. In general, the beach is quite nice, although not comparable to those world-class quality beaches offered in other parts of Redang.

The water is crystal-clear here that you can actually see the corals and fishes down below from the jetty. The sands are rather coarse and somewhat prickly due to coral rubbles. Hence, if you intend to sun-bathe here, I suggest you bring a mat to lie down on.

While the beach itself isn't particularly spectacular, but for those not interested with snorkeling, you can find your spots along the beach for a relaxing time, until the snorkelers finish their routines.